About Us

Petite Perle started for two reasons:

(1) I (Alex) needed an outlet to heal (interested? Keep reading).

(2) There were several products I needed/wanted for my family but was shocked what I was exposing my children to.

Who is Alex?

Hi! I am a working mom of 2, wife to my best friend, an introverted extravert and I spent a year navigating postpartum depression during a pandemic (more common than you might think).

This is not a pity party. I needed change and I wanted to feel “normal” again. So… I did everything the doctors and therapists told me to do. Guess what? I still did not feel like me! So, I channeled my energy into raising awareness about Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD), while giving myself a creative outlet, and a medium to give back to the community.

You know, I slowly pulled myself out and along the way, I have touched and have been touched by women all around the world. Motherhood is not easy (if you have PPMD or not); I found Petite Perle to be a way we could build a community and lift each other up.

Fun fact: despite being allergic to most things outdoors, I grow our own lavender which is used in several of our products

Why Petite Perle?


Well, my first child is named Pearl. I have two children and it would totally not be "fair" if I named it after one and not the other, right?

The real reason? Pearls are not always beautiful; they start from something very ugly and unwanted. With time, they change into something so wonderful, so beautiful, and so unique. That is very reflective of motherhood and depression.

Pregnancy (at least for me) was very hard. The journey (let's be honest, the rude awakening) that is parenthood (motherhood) is hard, BUT damn, it is beautiful. 

How is a pearl like depression? Well, for me, it has forced me to do different, do me and start something wonderful (Petite Perle). 

What about our products?

Petite Perle’s products are handcrafted. They are inspired by the need to do better (and want better) for my children & the land we live on. We operate with a sustainable, environmental, & all-natural mindset. Therefore, we use natural ingredients in our products; no perfumes, fragrances, or dyes. We use recyclable and compostable packaging materials. If we cannot make it ourselves, we source items as locally as possible.

Fun fact: despite being allergic to most things outdoors, I grow our own lavender which is used in several of our products.



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